What is UncleSam Finance?

Secure money markets for all crypto assets built on Base Chain.

UncleSam Finance is building decentralized lending markets on Base Chain where users can securely lend and borrow crypto assets.

Unlike traditional finance where you need a bank, UncleSam Finance allows peer-to-peer lending and borrowing without centralized intermediaries. This is enabled by smart contracts on the scalable and secure Base Chain.

Key Benefits

Permissionless Markets

Anyone can propose a new lending market for token holders to vote on. This allows long-tail asset integration compared to the limited collateral options on Ethereum lending protocols.

Risk Isolation

Each lending market on Base Chain only contains the borrowed and paired collateral assets. If one market is exploited, others are shielded from the risk.

Capital Efficiency

With unified markets per asset instead of fragmented liquidity across pairs, lenders can maximize returns and borrowers can minimize rates.

Rapid Innovation

By eliminating the constraints of Ethereum's limited throughput and high fees, rapid iteration and deployment of new financial products are possible on Base Chain.

Audits and Security

UncleSam Finance will uphold the highest standards of audits and formal verification before launch. Ongoing bounties and monitoring will ensure that responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities are addressed.

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