$SAM token will be at the heart of community governance for UncleSam Finance. $SAM holders have the power to shape the future of the protocol.

For example, $SAM holders can vote to add new asset markets for lending/borrowing. If the community wants to enable decentralized loans for a new altcoin, they can submit and pass a governance proposal to add that market.

$SAM holders will also be able to adjust interest rate models for lending/borrowing assets. If rates need to be tweaked to balance platform growth and sustainability, governance can vote on new rate parameters.

In addition, $SAM holders can direct treasury management and revenue flows. If the community decides excess treasury assets should be used to subsidize lending rates or provide other perks, governance can make it happen.

The possibilities are endless for how $SAM holders will collaboratively steer UncleSam Finance in the best interests of all users and the wider DeFi ecosystem on Base Chain."

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