$SAM Contract address: 0x80a3d4999b2836a5ac90b4742da133f5f5f6c27d

$SAM Tokenomics

  • Total Supply: 16,000,000 SAM

  • Initial Supply: 5% (800,000 SAM)

  • Core Team: 5% (800,000 SAM)

  • Stake Incentives: 10% (1,600,000 SAM)

  • Protocol Rewards: 80% (12,800,000 SAM)

The $SAM token will have a maximum supply of 16 million tokens.

5% of the supply (800,000 SAM) will be allocated for initial liquidity offerings and exchange listings. This provides healthy trading liquidity at launch.

The UncleSam Finance core team will receive 5% of the total supply (800,000 SAM) as compensation for protocol development and operations. This allocation aligns incentives for the core team with the success of the protocol.

10% of the total supply (1,600,000 SAM) is reserved for liquidity mining programs, incentivizing $SAM holders to provide liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

The large majority of the total supply (80% or 12,800,000 SAM) will be distributed over time to UncleSam Finance users through yield farming rewards, governance participation, and other community-focused distribution programs.

The tokenomics ensure both a fair launch and sufficient incentives to bootstrap the protocol and encourage ongoing user participation in a decentralized manner.

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